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We are devoted strictly to the client.

This is evidenced by our membership in the Association of Consulting Foresters of America (ACF). Through ACF we adhere to a restrictive set of ethical and educational standards which our membership requires. These standards signify that we are committed to using our forestry expertise to the ultimate benefit of our client, to whom we extend the highest level of fiduciary duty. This set of standards truly distinguishes ACF members as consulting foresters, and separates us definitively from other forestry professions. Basically, any forester can be a consulting forester, but not all consulting foresters qualify to be ACF members.


Forest Management Planning

Successful forest management is a result of carefully planning and analyzing the existing forest resources to develop long and short term goals. A management plan generally includes an inventory of the existing resources, maps of the various timber stands, soil and site information, estimated cost and revenues, timber stand descriptions and management recommendations for a specific time period. This planning is aimed at meeting client goals through sound forest management while integrating and protecting soil, water, wildlife and timber resources.

Real Estate Brokerage Firm

A Mississippi licensed Real Estate Brokerage Firm providing clients with assistance in acquisition and sales of farm and timberland. In 2004 we expanded our real estate services with three additional rural real estate brokers throughout Mississippi, forming a partnership known as Timberland Sales, LLC., which is a real estate marketing group owned and operated by consulting foresters.